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MS4800 hauling off and cutting machine

Hauling off machine:
1. hauling type: caterpillar track
2. hauling center distance: 1800mm
3. max hauling width: 550mm
4. max hauling speed: 3m/min
5. clamping type: Pneumatic clamping up and down, air path set pressure compensation with high reliability, safety, controlled automatically to any height.
6. transmission type: adopts standard universal joint transmission, convenient maintenance, up and down synchronously and steadily.
7. rubber brick size: 240mm*45mm*30mm, two rows.
8. speed control mode: 5.5kw, frequency control.

Cutting machine:
This cutting machine is the process device for the wood-plastic profile, it adopts pneumatic parallel forward knife, pneumatic clamping profile. The cutting saw bite is smooth and even. It can be operated safely, conveniently and quickly.
1, One kind is the one without frame and the other kind is with frame, with reasonable design, and elegant appearance.
2. It is domestic initiative, cutting by one step with rotating knife, with the cutting surface of the products smooth.
3.Two kinds of control type can be selected: electric appliances control and PLC control, of convenient operation, with linkage and independent operation function.