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SJMS series syntropy (parallel) double screw exturder

Features of our machinery:
Our double screw extruder has many features, mainly shown in driving system, transmission system, screw rotary speed, screw combination, barrel structure, electrical control, etc..
1, Feeding system: We can provide volume type feeding measuring system and continuous weightless type automatic feeding measuring system. Adopting the new type feeding structure, the volume type avoids the defect of leaking powder material of the traditional feeding machine, and realizes the industrial automation.
2, driving system: Using the high-quality domestic motor, we can recommend DC or AC motor according to customer’s production and material requirements. We can also provide ABB or Siemens motor according to customer’s requirements.
3, transmission system:  adopting parallel three-axis type structure, the transmission box can set speed reducing, torsion and distribution together. Using imported SKF bearing, dip-oil type lubrication and multi-point forced lubrication system, building low oil level and over pressure warning system to remind users of adding oil or changing oil in time, it can ensure the transmission box to run for long time and in high efficiency.
4, Screw rotating speed: The rotating speed of our equipped standard screw unit is 400-600r/min. According to customer’s material requirements, we can recommend the screw unit with corresponding rotating speed. With the improvement of the rotating speed, the shear force will also be improved, so it can improve the output and quality on the premise of ensuring the effect of mixing, plasticizing and melting. Using imported transmission box from German or Italy, the rotating speed can reach 800r/min to ensure the continuous, stable and high output extruding of the machine in high twist and high speed rotating.
5, Screw combination: Both the thread bushing and knead block use cordwood combination, with the ratio of screw length and diameter to be 28-52. Users can change the screw combination freely to meet different process and material system and realize multi-application of one machine. Screw element adopts high speed tool steel with features of abrasive resistance much higher than the common nitriding steel. Combined with years of experience, we can provide various screw elements with different structure and different combination, such as the special elements :dense refined rotor, tooth plate, etc..
6, Barrel structure: we can provide the whole alloy bushing barrel and fission alloy bushing barrel. Whole alloy bushing barrel improves the process requirements on the base of traditional double-metal barrel, it can cast the lining alloy bushing into the all-in-one structure, and reach the European technological level. Compared with the traditional fraction double-metal bushing, the whole alloy bushing has greatly improved the wear-resistance of the barrel and extended the lifespan of the barrel.
7, Electrical control:  the main motor adopts DC and AC according to customer’s requirements. The DC motor adopts Euro british speed frequency regulator. The AC motor adopts ABB/Siemens/Mitsubishi transducer. The complete electrical system can also adopt the PLC or PCC industrial automatic human-computer interface. The whole production line realizes the interlocking and connected control between the over current, overvoltage, overdrive(selective match) and the driving system, to ensure the machine to run safely and normally
8, Machine appearance: It adopts complete stainless steel protecting cover, which is beautiful, concise.
The Water tank is both space-saving and convenient for maintenance .