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Project cases

WPC profile machine installed in Romania

The first company in Romania producing WPC profiles, they bought the complete WPC profile machines from QINGDAO HEGU WOOD-PLASTIC MACHINERY CO.,LTD. in 2011, the complete project including the wood milling machine, WPC mixing machine, WPC granulating machine, WPC profiles extrusion line, many molds, WPC embossing machine, WPC sanding machine, WPC brushing machine.

We have sent engineers to customer's factory to finish machine installation and commissioning, and the Romania top engineer is very professional, they easily runed the complete project by themselves after our engineers come back.

Congratulations to the Romania customer, they have got good market for the WPC profiles, they have finished many big project in Romania and other countries as showed in the picture. 

We wish the customer shall have better and better business, we wish their product will be sold all over the world! an we believe they can!